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Kingdom Assignments

"As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received."

Ephesians 4:1 NIV


Mission and Mandate to activate, equip, and train

Prophetess Francine Hawkins-Birgans was launched into ministry in January 2007 by Pastor Reed and Prophetess Georgia Harvey. Her first ministry event was "Tearing Down Strongholds" women's conference in Calumet City, Illinois.

Prophetess Francine has a mantle of prayer, worship, and intercession. She says, "If prayer and worship are not a part of your life-line to God then something is wrong."  Prophetess Francine also has a dedication and heartfelt intensity to teach. She loves to create manuals, guides, and books that are simplistic to the reader.  "You can read it; but, do you know how to do it?", she says.

Over the years, Prophetess Francine has uncovered more and more of the problem that God created her to solve.  Everything that God created was created to solve a problem! She is determined to pursue everything that God has called her to do.  She does this with one of her favorite scriptures: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of his righteousness...." Matthew 6:33  

Prophetess Francine has a burning passion to help people understand their identity in Christ.  Not only their identity; but, their life's calling. What have YOU been called to do?  In life? To serve humanity? Who does God say you are?  

This acceptance of the call has come with a hefty price! The anointing cost!

From 2007 until now, Prophetess Francine has been a guest speaker and teacher at a myriad of diverse events including: Trinity Baptist Church prayer breakfast, Faith Temple COGIC prayer breakfast, Shades of Blue Worship Experience (4 years), Fresh Power Women's conference (2 years), VKMI women's day, Star of Faith women's day,  JCOM various events, and LWHS senior class speaker, and more. 


MSG, Prophetic, Prayer, Leadership, and Life Long Learner

Prophetess Francine loves teaching the word and other subjects as it concerns the kingdom.  God has given Prophetess Francine a structure to be simple, understandable, and relatable when teaching. 

Prophetess Francine has attended a bountiful of ministry classes to ensure that she is knowledgeable and competent as a teacher.

Her ministry classes go back to VKMI (Valley Kingdom Ministries International), HOGM (House of Glory Ministries),  CI (Christian International),  HLL (Higher Level Leaders), and her home church of JCOM (Jesus Christ Outreach Ministries).  

Prophetess Francine is a certified MSG teacher through CI. In addition, Prophetess Francine has taught classes on many subjects throughout the years including prayer, the prophetic, organizing church events God's way, mindsets and shifts, and many more.  This anointing of teaching has led to the birth of Discover YOUniversity an extension of Discover YOU! LLC.  Discover YOUniverstiy offers webinars, classes, training, leadership development, and more.

"My name is Jerrilynn, I honestly can say that I learned a lot in the prophetic class. This woman of God was awesome, I so thankful for God using her as the chosen vessel to teach us the word of God. I learned so many different tools in the prophetic class. I truly can say God used this woman of God to the fullest. She made it easy to understand. She is very knowledgeable and  Francine has a teachable spirit. This class has enhanced my relationship to hear from God more clearly. By worshiping, praying and reading his word. I even was encouraged to purchase a study bible to help me also understand more clearly. This class has truly blessed me. Prophetess Francine taught us on the Holy Spirit. Which is the spirit of truth, everyone needs to have the Holy Spirit. I could expound on everything she taught us but you will have to check the class out, for yourself. "


The Beginner's Guide to Prayer and new release Train My Spirit

Have you ever said or thought, "I don't know how to pray" TBGTP is for you! This was the first book written by Prophetess Francine. What started as a book grew into TBGTP workbook and a custom prayer workshop.

After years of being in the fire of affliction, Prophetess Francine has written her next book titled: 

Train My Spirit: a book on spiritual discipline.

“Reading this book is a blessing. I am 100% convinced that God knows how to reach me and He's strategic and purposeful. I've been called out and Francine's book, this book gives clear, direct, and transparent insight on how to get started for the reader's own life. This book breaks it down and actually confirms and explains what you've been feeling. You will understand why your life is in its current state. If you've been feeling a tugging in your spirit and wondering "why me" not think it strange...” Nicole Harris

"When discovering your purpose in God there are so many clues right in front of you.  In high school, I wrote for INFO newspaper, I was the first president of the Gary chapter of Indiana Black Expo. I have been writing all of my life.   When you recognize the commonalities of your life, go ahead and embrace it!  Own it!  Who am I? I am a writer.  I am God's writer."

Prophetess Francine Birgans

Radio Host

A Touch From Heaven    RHYTHM  FLIGHT  RADIO  (St. Louis, MO)

In Prophetess Francine junior year of high school, she went to trade school for half a day.  Her trade of choice was Radio/TV broadcasting. Believe it or not, she just wanted to see what it was like.  The next two years would prove to be two very influential years of her life.

Vernon A. Williams, who I call "dad", saw the gift and talent in Francine and keep her close to the mic and the t.v. screen.   In high school, she was apart of WGVE. As they learned about broadcasting students also participated and hosted weekly programming.

In her college years, Prophetess Francine would intern and work for W.LT.H. a local A.M. station in Gary, Indiana.  For quite some time after that, she didn't have radio nor t.v. on her radar. 

In 2011, "King George" came to a charity event that she was co-hosting and conducted an interview. That next day he called and asked if she would co-host a show with him on For a few years, she co-hosted with George.  

After that time, Prophetess Francine took another hiatus.  This time, she heard the voice of the Lord to "get back on the radio".  Prophetess Francine took the leap of producing, hosting, and managing her own show on out of Chicago, Illinois. 

"One of the goals of the show is for listeners to have a one on one encounter with the Lord just as Saul did when he was on his way to Damascus. This one encounter with the power of God changed Saul. His life was never the same. My sincere prayer and desire from heaven are those who tune in will hear 'something' that will change their lives forever and turn their heart toward the king."

In 2018, Birgans returned to school and took another break from radio.

Content and happy, the Lord once again calls her to the microphone.....

this time out of St. Louis, Missouri with owner Tony James of Rhythm Flight Radio.  Tony James worked with Prophetess Birgans before. According to James, "I wanted that same spirit and anointing at my station." 

In January of 2021, Prophetess Birgans was back on the radio in a new city, with a new audience, and with a new assignment.  Same message: keep it simple, meet people where they are, except this time God said they will receive a touch from heaven.

Prophetess Birgans is moving out of sheer obedience and love for the Lord. 

"At the end of it all, I simply gave the Lord another yes."

Prophetess Francine Birgans

Sunday's, 11am to 1pm CST

or download the app from Simple Radio

Television Host

Heaven's Blvd 

"His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord." Matthew 25:21

On Wednesday afternoon, Prophetess Francine received a phone call from one her loyal listeners by the name of Minister Debra Fomby-Hunt. Minister Debra asked her, "how would you feel about having a television show"? This phone call caught Prophetess Francine totally off guard and she wasn't quite sure how to respond.  Minister Debra called and they had a second conversation.  Prophetess Francine agreed to get more information and have a meeting. 

God does nothing by accident! She walks into the office of the President and it just so happened to be a gentleman who she met a few months prior. Not only did she meet him, but, Prophetess Francine ministered to him.  When she walked into the office, both were in shock of this encounter.  After getting information and much prayer, the agreement was made to produce the gospel show.   

Heaven's BLVD. was the first gospel/inspirational show on the LRP Network produced and recorded in October 2017.